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Which antivirus should I use?

Here is some good news for Windows users, the "best antivirus" for most people is not a traditional paid software package such as Norton, McAfee or even free programs such as AVG. The best antivirus is included free in yourmicrosoft operating system and is called 'Windows Defender' and is good enough for most users. Windows Defender will give you reliable protection without slowing down your PC like other paid software. As of September 2019 the AV-Test institute gave Windows Defender the best possible rating for protection, performance and usability.

windows defender.jpg

One recommendation we like to give The Brainery clients in our service areas of Nedlands, Dalkeith and surrounding suburbs is to run an anti-malware package and Malwarebytes gains our highest praise. Malwarebytes will clean your computer of potentially unwanted programs and adware that antivirus programs will not detect.


Antivirus and malware protection on their own will not protect from all threats and having good habits whilst online is incredibly important. Please ask us for advice on your next onsite or instore booking and we'll be happy to give you some tips. I'll also be writing an article in an upcoming blog post.