Fermentation Basics - Water & Milk Kefirs, Kombucha Tea

In this workshop you will be joining other new fermenters to create your own delicious and healthy fermentation creations, including milk kefir, kombucha and water kefir!

Once you learn the methods and with your take home cultures, the ferments are easy to make and rich in probiotics to improve digestive health.

All our workshops are relaxed & hands-on and you get to take home your own jars of ferments, grains and SCOBYs, along with the knowledge to start your fermenting journey at home. Just some of the ferments you will learn include:

- Delicious fig and ginger water kefir soda

- Tangy Kombucha Tea

- Cultured butter - you'll never want to go back to store bought!

- Creme Fraiche

- Labneh Cheese in oil - a great homemade alternative to Meredith Daiy style cheese.

Each student will get to TAKE HOME their own heirloom water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha cultures to make batch after batch of ferments at home to rival store-bought counterparts!

Maximum class size eight people and includes complimentary tastings of all the delicious creations possible with your take home goodies!

What to bring:

We supply all that is required for this workshop.  Please feel free to bring a notebook and pen and your own apron for those messier moments! 

Your Teacher: James

Location: The Brainery Homestead - Daylesford Victoria

Price: $120

Upcoming Dates: